3 Areas To Visit In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

So you’re planning on visiting Mexico and are not sure where exactly to go once you’re there. Take a look at some of the popular locations where you can find things to do in Puerto Vallarta for the entire family. Make us your travel agent for Mexico!


Wander through downtown and experience the sights and sounds of “the heart of Puerto Vallarta”. With tons of festivities always being planned, there is bound to be an activity for everyone to enjoy. Along with the festivities, you can see the iconic building, Parrish of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


At the South Zone beaches, you can take advantage of all the natural landscapes that Puerto Vallarta has to offer.  With the Los Arcos nearby, you can view the stunning landmark and enjoy the beach. You will find groups of people doing many things, in this area including fishing, boating and even getting their tan on. Check out the fishing villages nearby and see how they live.

You can take a drive to the North Zone and take a look at all the 5-star hotels right along the beach. Pop into one of the many luxury restaurants found along the coast and enjoy a decadent meal with your family. Take a stroll through the boutiques and snag the perfect jewelry piece for that outfit that you’ve been dying to wear. Or pick out an outfit for your romantic afternoon stroll.

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Romantic Area 

With the sea of red tile buildings all along the streets, it’s nearly impossible not to feel the love. As you walk through, you can find art galleries to sneak off to or simply view the area from the perspective of the locals. Relish in the local foods with one of the many restaurants that can be found in the romantic area of Puerto Vallarta. Grab some souvenirs before you head out to have your precious vacation memories with you forever.

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There are a wealth of things to do in Puerto Vallarta that are guaranteed to please everyone in your family or friend group. Come visit Puerto Vallarta and see all the other exciting locations nearby! Make us your travel agent for Mexico! Contact me online or call today. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for more information. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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