The Best Massages to Get in Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is not just known for its breathtaking islands and crystal-clear blue beaches. There is one other thing that is very popular in Phuket, Thailand, and that is massages.

You go on a vacation to relax and spend a little time pampering yourself. And there is no better way to do that than by getting a great massage. Or one every few days – why not treat yourself?

The streets of Phuket, Thailand are rich in massage parlors and studios where they offer different types of massages. But which one is the right choice for you?

Here are the best massages to get in Phuket, Thailand:

Fish Spa

Fish spa is kind of a novelty of Phuket. Fish massage may be an uncommon thing in your country, but in Phuket, it is very popular.

What you do is put your feet in a tank filled with fish. The fish swim up and eat all the dead skin on your legs and feet, giving you a ticklish feeling.

You will have smooth feet, free from all the dead skin by the end of this massage. Trust us; this is not an experience you should miss out on.

Traditional Thai Massages

The traditional Thai massage is the most popular massage in Phuket, Thailand and a must have. The masseuses use their entire bodies to make sure that all the tension and knots leave your body, leaving you with a calm and serene feeling.

You may feel a little pain because of your tensed muscles, but the end result is indeed magical.

Swedish Massages

If you are looking for something less intensive, go for the Swedish massage. The masseuses use oil and do long strokes using their hands to ease the tension out of your body.

This massage usually focuses on your arms, back, legs, shoulders, and neck and helps increase the flow of blood. The gentleness of this massage will have you coming back for it again and again.

Foot Massages

You need your feet in tiptop condition when you are on a vacation. And with all the walking you have been doing, your feet need a special treat.

First, the masseuse will wash your feet and then use oils to rub all the tension out of them. You will be ready to run a marathon by the end of this relaxing massage.

Acupressure Massages

This massage is performed by trained and professional masseuses who apply pressure on certain parts of your body. This massage removes the knots from your body and helps you de-stress and relax.

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