Quickie Vacations: 5 Beaches to Visit in 2019

Summer vacation is around the corner! As the temperature is rising, so is the demand for tropical beaches trips. Get on the ocean bandwagon and check out the hottest tropical beaches of 2019 you must visit at least once!

1. Daytona Beach (Florida)

The thriving beach city of Daytona is a broad stretch of 23 miles of white sand. With options to choose from sand driving, water sports, paragliding and various other beachy activities, this is the perfect place to get some sun and some fun!

Clean, well organized and easy to access, it’s a great trip to make if you’re out of plans last minute – and out of budget! You can enjoy the beautiful sunrise tanning until sundown while checking out stores studding the beachfront for some cool drinks!

2. Miami Beach (Florida)

Known for the glamour and paradise the city is host to, the beachfront is a breathtaking venue of its own. With resorts dotting the oceanfront, and options to visit private beachfronts, you’re never away from the sun nor the ocean for long!

Spend your mornings jet-skiing across the turquoise waters or fine dining at the star-studded restaurants at the waterfront. And not to mention the stunning night life which you absolutely do not want to miss if you’re a party animal!

3. Virginia Beach (Virginia)

The big city and the ocean paired together makes for an exciting vacation. With amazing options to explore in the city, you can come rest at the beach front and enjoy the finest of Virginia’s oceans!

Boardwalks, shopping, and beautiful beaches, it’s a favorite for families and large groups to have an enjoyable vacation. With plenty of options to hike near the ocean and to kayak in the chill blue waters, it’s a thrill seeker’s paradise come true, too!

4. Lake Tahoe (California)

If you’re the outdoorsy type or simply looking for serenity, this is your perfect paradise. The lakefront is a gorgeous site to relax and unwind at. And for the adventurous kind, swimming, windsurfing and kayaking opportunities are available too!

With 24-hour casinos and a thriving night life, you’re definitely going to love this relaxed getaway from your busy lives. With sunlit days to explore the lake’s beauty and the night to explore the city’s hospitality you’re definitely going to be visiting again!

5. Nassau (Bahamas)

Every bit as exciting as the Bahamas you’ve seen in movies, the big city life and tropical beaches are a sight to be experienced.

With modern life all around, beautiful hotels and bustling night life, the Bahamas is a place for the young at heart. With options to explore Paradise islands, to swim with the dolphins, relaxing at waterscapes and shopping in the big city, you’re never going to be bored!

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