Travel Solo to Discover Yourself

Traveling Alone

It is not false to say, that the world we live in is far from a safe or peaceful one, even more so in recent times.

Tourism in such conditions, without the security of a group venture does not interest most people, at least for less visited and less spoiled destinations.

If you muster your courage though, suppress your fear and take that plunge then according to many travel experts, solo travelling and vacationing can be some of the most profoundly rewarding and enlightening experiences of your life.

  • A Chance at Self Rediscovery

In the fast life of today, seldom is a person given the opportunity or has the time for self reflection, to know who they really are, what drives them, are they satisfied with life and to really engage in a philosophical meditation with their own self.

Travel presents an opportunity to do so but too often is bogged down in petty concerns about others with you or other mundane thoughts.

When you are alone and sitting in the shadow of a majestic mountain, gazing at the all encompassing landscape in its grandeur, it contextualizes a person as a single entity in this universe. It opens them up towards humility and contemplation, to tread the footsteps of religious founders long past who found enlightenment in solo detachment. To know thy own self.

  • Boost Your Confidence

With benefit 1, a boost in confidence naturally follows, but even before that. A solo travel plan is a very different venture from travelling in a group or even as a pair. You have to be alert, take care and be responsible for more details, plan out everything alone and generally stick it out yourself.

A trying experience for some but one which if gone through with can do wonders for your attitude and approach to life, transforming you into a proactive go getter. After you have backpacked alone from one end of a country to the other, there are few things on this earthly plane which can shake you up.

  • Freedom!

Once more for emphasis, freedom, in every sense of the word, from detachments, from worrying for others, from compromise, for the duration of your solo trip you will be free like the birds soaring in the sky above.

To cap it, solo travel is not something recommended for everyone or at every time or every place. It requires significant research and planning to level the playing field as much as possible and at least form a basic enough skeleton for the first leg of your trip.

But don’t let this discourage you! For once at least though, you owe it to yourself, to try your hand at discovering the explorer-traveler zone yourself and see for yourself just what the hype is all about!

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