3 Reasons to Visit Picasso’s Hometown Malaga Next Spring

Planning your next exotic vacation for next spring

Want to visit the beautiful coastal beaches and get a chance to visit the birthplace of one of the most influential and famous artists of our time? The coastal city of Malaga is the place for you then. 

The following are some key reasons why you should plan for a trip to vacation in the famed artist’s hometown. 


With a history of 3000 years, Malaga is one of the oldest culturally and historically preserved cities in the world. Being ruled by a variety of empires from the Romans to Muslims to Christian conquistadors, the city presents numerous structures and monuments in its designs that showcase its vast history. 

How many other cities present the chance to see a crisscross of different empires and their different aesthetics and designs? 

It is also light on the wallet since most of the different monuments and museums have free entry and do not require ticketing, leaving you free to frolic and visit at your convenience.


Located on the Costa del Sol or Coast of The Sun in southern Spain, Malaga is the prime place to be to experience the serene beauty and tranquil blue waters of a coastal paradise. 

Particularly so in the spring where temperatures are warm and perfect to soak in the sun’s ray while relaxing by the ocean, if you love the sea then a retreat to Malaga’s beaches is a must. 

The beaches themselves are only at a distance of 10-15 minutes from the city with upscale establishments a bit further away. 


How could any Malaga vacation guide be left complete without mentioning Picasso

Get the opportunity to visit the birthplace of the artistic giant. 

Granted Picasso left Malaga at an early age but his influence, presence, and impact on Malaga remain even today. Take a trip to the specifically named Picasso route to explore the place of his birth which has been converted into a museum and displays many of his art pieces. 

Imagine yourself in his shoes and imagine how his inspirations came to be, walking the streets of this ancient city touched by many cultures.

What Are You Waiting For?

Plan your trip for next spring and fly out to Malaga. Even if you cannot quite manage to catch Malaga in spring, you need not worry as it remains warm throughout 8 months of the year, with even winters being mild. 

The absolute freshness, abundance, and quality of the food, particularly seafood that Malaga offers will definitely impress your taste buds. Majestic history, sunny beaches, and visiting a legend, what else could you need?

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