What To Do Before Leaving For Your Island Travel Destination

As exciting as it may be to travel to an island, it can be quite overwhelming. The reason is that you will be so excited to hit the crystal clear waters for tanning that there is a high chance of forgetting certain important things to do before leaving.

To make things easier for you, we have made a list of everything you need to take care of before leaving for your destination.

Confirm All Rentals

If you are renting a car or anything else, it is important for you to call/confirm your arrangement before arriving, for your convenience. Moreover, you need to ask what side of the road you will be driving on, for example, in Belize you will be on the right side whereas in the British Virgin Islands you will be on the left side.

Pack Travel Documents

It is important to make copies of your travel documents (passport, licenses, reservation info) before you leave for your trip. Make sure you are not packing the copies and originals together because the copies will be backup if you misplace the original documents.

Pack the Right Clothes

Since you are going to an island, it is important to pack beach clothes, but it is important to keep formal attire as well in case you go sightseeing or for dinners. For example, if you are planning on going to a historic church, you should not be wearing a bathing suit with sandals; therefore, you must plan and pack accordingly.

Take Sunscreen

Although you will be able to purchase sunscreen on the island, it is important to have some on hand for when you arrive. Moreover, it is smarter to pack sunscreen that your skin is used to rather than buying a sunscreen that will have reverse reactions on your skin.

Be Aware Of What You Will Be Doing and What You Need To Take

When you are packing your clothes, it is important to do some research on your island so you know what activities you will be taking part in. If you are residing near a snorkel beach then you may want to take your personal snorkels. This way you will not have to spend on the renting or put someone else’s mouthpiece in your mouth.

Take a Waterproof Case

It is not crucial to pack a waterproof case because taking Ziploc bags is helpful as well. It is important to secure your phone and other valuables in waterproof bags when you are at the beach or when you are doing water sports.

Talk to Credit Card Companies

Before going to the island, it is important for you to talk to your credit card company and inform them where you will be going. This way your credit card will not decline when you are paying for food or souvenirs. Moreover, this way your credit card will not suspect anything fraudulent.

By keeping these things in mind before leaving for your trip, you will ensure lots of fun and peace of mind.

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