What to Expect When You’re on Vacation in Fiji

Fiji Palm Trees Resort

Fiji is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Since it has become such a popular destination, many people have opted to go to Fiji. If you are headed to Fiji, there are a few things to be aware of before you go so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Fiji is a very different place than the U.S., so you need to be prepared for your trip in order to have an enlightening experience while there. It will be helpful to learn some basic phrases and cultural norms that are unique to Fiji.

Know the meaning of ‘bula’ and ‘vinaka’

The local people of Fiji are very hospitable, especially when you greet them with the two words “bula” or “vinaka.” Bula is used as a greeting to mean hello and vinaka means thank you. These are some key phrases that will help your time in Fiji go more smoothly for everyone.

People walk around with machetes, but don’t worry

Many of the people in Fiji carry around a traditional knife called a “kalebas,” which is actually just a machete. This may be alarming to someone who comes from an area where weapons are forbidden or frowned upon, but it shouldn’t cause anxiety when you’re on vacation there. It’s completely safe and part of the Fijian culture.

Avoid walking around at night

It’s best to avoid walking around at night, especially alone. It can be unsafe because of the occasional crime that occurs on the island and people are more likely to go out during the day when there is sun for safety reasons.

Be wary of eating reef fish

Fiji is known for its amazing seafood, but if you’re eating reef fish because it’s cheaper or more easily accessible than other types of food, then be cautious. Reef fish are one of the main causes of ciguatera poisoning which happens when people eat contaminated reef species like barracuda and grouper. It can cause severe vomiting and other problems that will be sure to end your Fiji vacation sooner than you thought.

The national speed limit is 50mph

The national speed limit is 50mph, but around the islands it’s only 30 mph. If you’re driving fast enough that you can’t control your car in case of an emergency or sudden stop, then slow down because if anything happens and you lose control of your vehicle than everyone on board will regret speeding so much instead of enjoying their Fiji vacation.

Locals go to church on Sunday

Locals go to church on Sunday. This is where they pray and reflect, so don’t bother trying to find your way around if it’s that day because most of the roads will be blocked off for cars with Fijian license plates only.

Wear conservative clothing

Wear conservative clothing in Fiji, especially in small villages. You don’t want to offend anyone with your outfit choice, so stick with something that is appropriate for the culture you are visiting. This means no shorts or mini skirts because it’s disrespectful and offensive if you’re not used to their traditions. They have different customs than what we are typically use to in the United States.

Unpredictable weather

Fiji has two seasons, wet and dry, but it can also rain at any time of year. Be sure to bring a jacket and a raincoat with you to Fiji because it can get very windy and the temperature will drop.

Fiji is known for being extremely hot, so be sure to drink lots of water or other beverages while you are there. You may also want to bring some sunscreen as well since many parts of Fiji have been known for having beautiful beaches where the sun is beating down.

Backpackers welcome

Even though this island has the reputation of expensive eateries, you can backpack into this country. The street food that is available is just as affordable as the hostels and local transport.

More than a boring resort island

There is much more to Fiji then the boring resorts that you find in other tropical countries. The locals are extremely friendly and there is a lot of history surrounding this country’s culture. This island location has been known for being one of the best to visit when looking for cheap travel deals because it isn’t overrun by tourists or business people.

There is so much to do in Fiji. You have the opportunity of island hopping, scuba diving, skydiving, jungle hiking, and so much more. Since this place has so much to offer, it is important for you to pack the right clothing and equipment.


Many of the hotels and resorts in Fiji are very expensive, so there is a good chance you will be staying at a hostel or guesthouse.

Be sure to bring small gifts with you that represent your home country. This is especially important if this is an island where tourism plays such an integral role in their economy since they may not have many opportunities to interact with foreigners.

This gift can be as simple as a t-shirt from your country, candy or even postcards. It is important that you learn some of the local language and respect their culture while visiting.

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