Planning a Solo Vacation? Here’s the Know-How!

Planning a solo trip is a joy of its own. Whatever your reasons are for travelling alone, chances are you’ll absolutely love your experience and cherish the self-discovery you make! Here are some Solo Trip Tips to help you plan your first solo trip!


First and foremost, choose a destination. If you want to relax and detox from your hectic life, check out some scenic beaches, or if you’re the active kind, find some terrains that will challenge your comfort zone and get you excited to chase the thrill!

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Booking accommodation for one isn’t so difficult. In fact, you’ve got more budget to splurge on some amazing places. Or is you’re the social type, you could choose a hostel and find an interesting group to share your travels with!

Either way, whether you choose a chill coastal destination or a bustling city, you’ll have a great time staying alone.


If you’re travelling with a group, check out the itinerary which will get you interacting and integrating with the rest of your traveling companions. Or you can be brave and do your research; that way, you can chart out the best places to visit and even budget friendly transport to get there!

And if you’re familiar with the language of your destination, you’re good to go self-exploring!

Dining Solo

This will give you ample of opportunity to try the local cuisines! Travelling with a big group comes with its compromises, but by travelling solo, you could delve deep into the word of cuisine at your chosen destination!

Or if you’re a little intimidated by dining alone, check out local food meet ups or events you can attend!

Making Friends on the Go

If you’re a social animal, you’ll enjoy meeting new people on your solo travels. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet some cool locals who will really show off their town to you! Meeting with other solo travelers is also fun – you could tally your itineraries and you’ll even have a buddy to enjoy some local drinks and food with!

And Most Importantly: Safety

As a solo traveler and tourist, you have to be vigilant. This doesn’t mean limiting your enjoyment and recreations, rather it means that you research the city well enough to know how tourists have made the most of their times there.

Also, always carry your international identification, health insurance, hotel name and address and some petty cash for emergencies – or if you’re too tired to walk home and decide to hail a cab!

It’s also a good idea to get familiar with local laws, regulations and social norms – you don’t want to offend any local sentiments while you’re trying to have a good time.

Time to Go!

Are you excited?


With these Solo Trip Tips, you’re guaranteed to make the most of your solo trip! And to make your planning much easier, call an agent at Trade Show travel Co for some advice!

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